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Doors samples

Kitchen and Wardrobe samples

Product Series: Economic

Product Series: Elite Postforming-Medium Quality

ELITE Surfaces consist internally of high quality Chipboard and are lined with KRAFT paper and décor paper surface. This results in a final product with great durability. Available in whole or according to customer needs, in ELITE-SQUARE or ELITE-POSTFORMING

Product Series: HPL Postforming-High Quality

HPL- HIGH PRESSURE LAMINATE is a higher quality product compared to the well-known melamine, which is used to produce kitchen/ wardrobe doors as well as kitchen countertops. There has been a considerable rise in the adoption of High-Pressure Laminates in the construction of kitchen doors and countertops. Benefits: durability, aesthetic appeal, versatility, resistant, and easy to maintain, high degree of resistance to scratching, stains and even boiling water.

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